For those of us that live in a climate where winter means frost and snow it maybe be hard to believe but now is the time to start thinking about spring gardening and yard care. Getting your yard ready for spring and the spring growing season now with a few hours of yard work will help you to get a jump on the season ahead, and have your yard looking like the best on the block.

7 Spring Gardening Tips:

1.) Clear the debris around your plants.  This helps discourage the growth of funguses and pests it also helps to invigorate plants earlier in the year giving them better access to air and water.  Clearing debris like pine needles also stops them from decomposing and acidifying your soils.

2.) Prune.  Do this before any growth starts it is easier to shape bushes and will promote the correct growth patterns.

3.) Power Rake and Aerate the lawn.  This helps remove thatch, promote new growth and get air and water to the roots.  Older lawns should have this done every spring.

4.) After completing step 4 and assuming your sprinklers are on give your lawn an over seed.  Nothing to serious but a light dusty of new seed over the top of everything and concentrated on bald patches will yield great results.

6.) Deep water your trees.  This is especially key if you have had a dry winter.  A good long spring soak and a dose of fertilizer will promote maximum spring growth.

7.) Once a month during the early season give your lawn and the rest your yard a good fertilize.  Once the heat of summer picks up tail off with the fertilizer.

Gardening is an endless topics with even more opinions and tips, we are always happy to hear yours on our social media accounts, but have found these 7 simple steps are a great way to kick off growing season. If you are looking for more heavy duty lawn help check out our piece onrevitalizing old lawns.