Having a clean house is important for me to feel to comfortable and cozy in my space. One thing that can make my home feel dirty more than any amount of clutter is having bugs, and the worst of these to me are fruit flies. I understand cockroaches, silverfish and others are not pleasant either, but those darn fruit flies just keep multiplying and multiplying.

fruit fly cocktail

So how can you get rid of these pesky flies? I have found the perfect (non-poison) cocktail. It is very effective and the best part is it is also safe for your kids and pets. It uses three basic ingredients:

  • Sweet Vinegar (Red Wine or Apple Cider)
  • Dish Soap
  • Water

Simply pour about a tablespoon of vinegar at the bottom of a coffee mug, add s squirt or two of dish soap and add water. You want to use a sink sprayer for the water so it causes the soap to turn bubbly. Fill the mug until the bubbles reach the top of the mug. That’s it. Now you just wait for the flies.

The sweet smell of the vinegar is what attracts the little guys into the mug, and like a spiders web the bubbles trap them. Give it a couple hours and you will be pleasantly surprised at how many have been lured into the fly cocktail. I typically do this about two or three times, and problem solved.