Everyone looking for bedroom inspiration should check out this collection of small bedroom ideas from one of my favorite interior designers out there! Modern design, elegance and stunning details will leave you speechless.

One of my favorite interior designers I’ve discovered lately is without a doubt Alexandra Fedorova. In a past few weeks I’ve published some of her designs and there are many more to come since she has done a lot in the recent years. But today I decided to pull out a few small bedroom ideas from her rich portfolio.

Small bedroom ideas in modern style

Most of her work we are about to see here is already built and someone lucky enjoys in it. A few of those are visualizations, but so good that it’s almost hard to notice it’s not the actual photo. This only proves that she is definitely one of the best interior designers out there and her small bedroom ideas are more than inspiring. Speaking of small bedrooms, one would think that there’s not much you can do when you’re faced with small living space. But Alexandra made it more than obvious that modern furniture, minimalism and elegance can do magic when they are combined right.

Bedroom design inspiration

What I like the most in her small bedrooms is how she uses stuff from the nature to make every room live and fresh. From stones, flowers, plants, trees, to wood being used as part of the furniture. There’s also a good idea how to make every room look bigger; use mirrors. Without further ado, let’s see Alexandra’s small bedroom ideas!

All photos © Alexandra Fedorova

01. Bright modern bedroom with elements from the nature

This beautiful modern bedroom is simply amazing. Combination of stone, glass, wood and green vegetation is nothing less than perfect. Just imagine what would be like to wake up in this room.

Elegant modern bedroom idea from Alexandra Fedorova

Modern bedroom from Alexandra Fedorova

Bright small bedroom idea from Alexandra Fedorova

Fireplace and plants in small bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova


02. Apartment with latest bedroom design

Some of you might recognize this bedroom since it is part of an apartment that has been published recently. We were taking about apartment decorating and how elegant furniture and material selection can have big impact on atmosphere in the apartment.

Small bedroom idea from Alexandra Fedorova

Bedroom with large windows from Alexandra Fedorova


03. Innovative bedroom style

What I like about this small bedroom is that beautiful living room back there separated with nothing bu a thin glass wall. Even though the bedroom is located far from the window, this idea perfectly shows how to bring daylight into the room.

Dark small bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

Small bedroom with beautiful ideas from Alexandra Fedorova

04. Luxury bedroom design

Probably my favorite small bedroom in the whole series. Just look at that levitating modern bed and that incredible Bonsai plant in the corner. Wow! No further words are needed!

Luxury small bedroom idea from Alexandra Fedorova

05. Contemporary bedroom design

This bedroom shows how mirror can make small room look bigger. And wooden framing looks incredibly warm in contrast to cold looking mirror. Good ideas Alexandra, good ideas!

Amazing bedroom ideas from Alexandra Fedorova

Beautiful small bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

06. Beautiful bedroom colors

This small bedroom is stunningly elegant. Contrast between bright and dark colors came in perfectly. I also love this levitating bed. Looks very nice and modern.

Amazing bedroom ideas by Alexandra Fedorova

Modern small bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

07. Modern inspiration

This small bedroom has incredible floor. Dark brown curtains are spot on. And elegance in those lamps is incredible. Very simple and beautiful ideas.

Contemporary bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

08. Bright minimalist bedroom design

With most of those small bedrooms being dark, this one is right the opposite. Minimalism, white everything but the wall and floor. Wood looks incredible and gives it personality.

Bright minimalist bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

09. How to decorate a bedroom

Back to dark bedrooms. Lamps above the night stands are gorgeous. Dark floor and dark wall are always good idea when the are fulfilled with bright furniture like this.

Modern dark bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

10. Brown modern bedroom style

Let’s call this one “brown elegance”. Because this is what it is. Brown everything, with slightly curved outer wall. And of course, green plant came in perfectly.

Small modern bedroom in brown color by Alexandra Fedorova

11. Futuristic bedroom style

In this small bedroom, you probably can’t figure out how large it is on the first sight. The mirror plays great role and minimalist bed which looks like you’re about to sleep on the floor is great addition too.

Futuristic small bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

12. Less is more

Less is more. Simplicity at its best. Modern, elegant and beautiful.

Simple small bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

13. Luxury bedroom design

This is lovely idea for guest bedrooms. Love the black wall and mirror of course. Marble wall also creates luxury atmosphere.

Lovely small bedroom ideas from Alexandra Fedorova

14. White bedroom style

All white! Surrounded with curtains and with round bed in the middle, this small bedroom looks so pure and innocent.

Beautiful small white bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

15. Cool bedroom ideas

With a little bit industrial-ish feel, this room has some nice ideas for kid’s bedroom.

Small bedroom design by Alexandra Fedorova

16. Grey modern bedroom

Probably the smallest in collection but none the less beautiful. Grey tones rounded this room perfectly.

Beautiful simple grey bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

17. Sophisticated atmosphere

This visualization created such an incredible atmosphere. Elegant and sophisticated brown-beige colors made this bedroom look incredible.

Modern bedroom visualization by Alexandra Fedorova

18. Lovely small bedroom idea

A single window and some wood can make every bedroom look fresh and bright. My favorite part here? Lamps. Definitely the lamps.

Small bedroom visualization by Alexandra Fedorova

19. Bright and fresh looking design

This one is a little bit bigger than those we’ve seen above, but still beautiful and full of great modern ideas.

Modern bedroom visualization by Alexandra Fedorova

20. Hotel bedroom style

Let’s play a game on the last one. What do you think, is this visualization or real photo?

Small hotel bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

And that’s all for now from Alexandra Fedorova. So, let me know, which of those small bedroom ideas is your favorite?