Halloween Decoration Ideas

As we embark on the month of October and in an attempt to avoid placating my kids by setting up our Halloween decoration on the 25th I have promised myself that this Saturday I will knock out the whole project. The only problem? As usual, I don’t really have any extra time this week or weekend to get the project rolling. To that end, I have been scouring the internet for simple Halloween decoration ideas. Below is what I think I’ll go with:

1.) Amazon Prime

Let’s be real I could go to the store and buy all of the necessary supplies but with a full schedule this week I am not getting there before Saturday morning and that will double the length of the project. So over lunch today I am going to order some easily customizable and cheap items from Amazon. This way I can get the kids involved early and jumpstart my Halloween decorating.  Some things I’ll be looking for:

  • a.         Paper Pumpkins.
    b.         Cheap hanging ghosts.
    c.         Cobwebs (fast and easy to string). 
    d.         Orange light bulb for the front porch. 
    e.         Front yard tombstones.

2.) Homemade fog machine

a. Fill with a crock pot warm water and grab just a little dry ice on the way home. Just a warning the water needs to be hot and too much dry ice kills the fog effect.
b. Some twigs and leaves from the yard to disguise the crock pot.

3.) Furniture:

Or more correctly cover any of the visible furniture in your front room with sheets, ideally white or black, the looming shapes will intrigue trick-or-treaters.

4.) Candles:

Load up the front window and front porch if you have one with a bunch of them.  White, black, orange and red are ideal colors but anything you have on hand will work.

That will probably cover it for our house this Halloween unless I get a bee in my bonnet next week.  If you need some crazy inspiration though or want to go just a little further check out these two articles: article(1) or you could go article (2)