Do I need a handyman or a Contractor?

This is a question a lot of us wind up asking ourselves.  Contractors are expensive and at last in this current market often booked out for months.  Handymen often tackle jobs too big for them which result in you needing to get a contractor later.  So how do decide which one you need? Here are some guidelines:

Take a holistic look at your project:

  • How many specialized trades will you need?  If your project requires: a plumber, an electrician, and drywall which are specialized trades you need a contractor to coordinate them.  Not a handyman to try and tackle them all.
  • Do you have a lot of one off small tasks?  This is handyman material, especially if many of them are simple and widely varying in type.
  • Does your project require a building permit?  You need a contractor, and maybe an architect.

Understand your timeline:

  • How long will it take? Will it take days? Or Weeks? Or More?  Length of project often correlates to complexity and size.  The bigger and more complex your project is the more likely it it to call for a contractor. Shorter quicker jobs are more the realm of a handyman.
  • Do you need it done quickly? More importantly can it be done quickly – If so a handyman might be a good fit.