Trending Painting Techniques to Try in Your Next Remodel

If you’ve been sitting at home with time on your hands, you have probably been contemplating renovation or remodeling ideas to give a spark of color or a new gleam to your interiors. Painting walls often comes to mind, but it can be daunting to consider the messiness shaky technique. Painting old furniture is a great middle-ground between trying out something daring and practicing your technique without major consequences.

If you’re looking to eventually complete more challenging tasks, but are deterred by your lack of expertise, there’s no need to worry! Painting is one of the most therapeutic and accessible DIY activities out there. Here are a few exciting trends buzzing around the DIY painting world.

1. Skinny Brush Swirls

Psychedelic patterns and bright colors are back in style, and they’re super easy to execute. You can create colorful swirling waves with acrylic paint to dress up any table or even accent walls. You can either use your skinny brush to draw your chosen swirling pattern (vines, waves, abstract shapes, etc.), and your lining will look like a delicate, sophisticated decoration. Colors like blue and pink do well with simplistic designs.

2. Painted Table Runners

Table runners are practical because they dress up your table and entire living space; however, they may need to be frequently adjusted, washed, and replaced. Paint, on the other hand, will not shift for years! Design a brightly colored runner (colors like red and purple are popular choices) and decide on its border design. If you aren’t sure about making straight lines to line your runner, you can create a faintly winding border with slim wavy lines. Use a medium-sized brush to fill out the runner, and a thin one to complete the edges.

3. Faux Tabletop Wood Grain

Painting wood grain is a popular crafts’ activity because the required meticulousness is therapeutic. However, this will take attention to detail. You will want to use the smallest brush to draw the grain, or use a graining tool. This technique requires exceptional patience and color mixing and matching abilities to mimic the texture, shade and grain pattern of real wood. If you’re looking for professional assistance creating your faux-wood layer, our team of experts at ShoutHome will be happy to assist you every step of the way.

4. Stencil Wall Paint Patterns

Painting your walls is a little more challenging than painting furniture; therefore, you may want to start with something small. Stencil-style patterns provide intrigue, because they are both geometric and artistic, random and structured. You can start by ordering a simple stencil pattern online. Opt for stencils that require minimal filling, such as dots and squares, and choose a classic paint color such as gray or black. This technique offers the aesthetic appeal of professional work without requiring too much expertise.

5. Metallic Wall Paint

You can hardly go wrong with metallic paint, because it’s an edgy, exciting and striking choice either way. There are endless ways to apply metallic paint by combining colors into striking patterns or choosing one for a continuous application. You can inspire yourself from online tutorials, or consult us for some technique guidance. For a more layered result, you will want to use several shades of the same paint, and apply each layer with a different brush.

6. Stripped Columns

Striped paint is a bold statement; therefore, you may want to use this technique on pillars or other vertical structures in your home, as opposed to a full wall. People often opt for a combination of white and another color, because it prevents the final result from darkening the room. You can easily obtain stencils for striped walls, or line your pillars in advance using chalk and a construction ruler. Your application will need to be precise to ensure the stripes are crisp and color does not spill into the white.

7. Bright Under Shelves

The red bottom has become a fashion staple with the popularity of the Louboutin brand and its classic red sole. The underside of shelves is usually the same color as its top surface, and can have metallic fixtures. Think of painting the underside of your shelves in a bold color such as red, and applying a layer of the same paint color to the thin surface covering the shelf’s thickness.

8. Polka Dots

Polka dots are potentially the easiest DIY home painting technique. They are fun, snarky and youthful, no matter the color. Golden hues are a great option for this style, because they reflect the luminosity of a room. Add sparkle without being distasteful or overwhelming. If you’re hesitating of covering an entire wall with polka dots, you may want to start by painting spaces around decorative pieces on your walls. For instance, you can paint dots in a foot-wide radius around a painting, clock or mirror to emphasize an art piece in a unique, memorable way.

DIY paint trends are getting more creative but also easier to apply by the day. You only need to invest in minimal equipment, conduct a little bit of research and consultations if need be, and you’re set to go! Go ahead and try your idea in mind. If you are still not able to achieve the goal or idea you had, our painting experts at ShoutHome are here to help!