8 Projects Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel

Modifying your bathroom into a paradise of rejuvenation doesn’t have to be an extreme effort. To save a few bucks, and add a sense of personalization, we take you through 8 DIY ways in which remodeling your bathroom can be made easy.

  1. Declutter

Before you begin to renovate your bathroom, one should adhere to removing all clutter and unwanted items. Decluttering helps to alleviate clogged up space making your bathroom look much more accommodating. Furthermore, it gives you an essential impression of how much space you have to play.

  • Towels – Place towels into their proper bins or within a cabinet if you’re bathroom has one.
  • Washing Products – Soaps, shampoos, and other washing items can be placed well within your medicine cabinet, container, or shelf.
  • Dirty Clothes – Place your dirty clothes into a neatly enclosed bin to alleviate any foul odors from emanating within your bathroom.
  1. Choose a Decorative Wall Paint

Spreading a fresh coat of paint over an old rustic wall is one of the most natural methods of giving a room a new look. It is an easy DIY project which helps alleviate the cost of employing expensive painters.

When you plan on painting your bathroom walls, remember to use glossy or water-resistant pains to prevent mold from growing. Besides, you can touch upon cabinets, wooden surfaces, and other worn-out objects to restore their look.

  1. Install New Windows

Windows help brings in more light into your bathroom, which can make it look grand and wide. Aside from clearing up any window clutter to allow for more light, consider replacing any old windows with newer ones.

This can help maximize the sun-rays your room gets, thus giving your bathroom a lavish glow throughout the day.

There are many alternatives to choose from such as

  • Obscured Frosted Glass – This type of glass allows for light to penetrate through while preventing others from seeing you inside, which is good for privacy.
  • Low-E Glass – An energy-efficient glass, the Low-E helps regulate your bathroom temperatures by preventing infrared light from penetrating. This allows light to pass through and store in heat during the winter while keeping it out in the summer.
  • Safety Lamented Glass – This glass is reinforced and ensures maximum protection, especially if you live in a secluded area.
  1. Add Mirrors

Mirrors create a focal point in which natural light can reflect, which makes your bathroom seem much more abundant. They help hide imperfections in your room, such as slanted ceilings, corners, and other defects.

Having a few strategically placed mirrors can amplify your natural light conditions, which help boost the production of melatonin, a hormone that plays a role in your natural sleep-wake cycle.

Besides, increasing the amount of natural light your bathroom gets, it can directly influence your moods by promoting biological processes in your mind. This can make you feel energetic, happy, and calm.

  1. Spruce Up the Flooring

Changing up your bathroom flooring is a great way to improve your space and enhance aesthetics. It can be an involving process that may take time and effort to accomplish. Therefore, if things get tough, you can consider hiring professional contractors to help you out.

There is a variety of lovely flooring you can consider, such as

  • Bamboo Flooring – These are eco-friendly floors that add a touch of natural simplicity into your bathroom.
  • Tiles – Ceramic tiles are quite common, and they come in different patterns and colors to match your tastes.
  • Wood – They are ideal if you desire a rustic bathroom look. Ensure to apply a coat of water-resistant paints to prevent rot.
  1. Paint the Ceiling

Consider painting your ceiling with a variety of original paint tones and colors to enhance your natural light levels in your bathroom. Soft tones can create a lovely blemish, and when matched with your wall, it helps create an illusion of continuity, making your bathroom seem like it goes on forever.

  1. Install a Shower Glass

Enclosing your shower with transparent glass is an excellent way of decorating your bathroom while covering up corners, which makes your bathroom seem spacious than it is. Avoid opaque or tinted glass as they inhibit light, which can make your bathroom look smaller.

  1. Touch Up on Baskets and Curtains

Having a few well-placed baskets can help spruce up your interior decor. Furthermore, they are easy to decorate and style to your liking. Decorating your space with some baskets is a simple DIY idea you can utilize in remodeling your bathroom. From pure glitter to intricate carvings and paints, your trusty basket can help alleviate clutter with a touch of personalization.

Get Professional Help

While remodeling a bathroom can be simple as adding a few baskets, windows, and paints, some of these tips may be out of reach for first time DIY-ers. It is important to seek professional advice from trusted bathroom contractors when taking on a large project. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel and feel like the project may be out of your reach, don’t hesitate to connect with a local professional. At shouthome.com, we can connect you with someone who can help. Use our matching tools to connect with a local professional in your area to get the job done right.