Not everyone is lucky enough to have AC. Some because we can’t afford it.  Some houses are too old.  Still, some of us because we live in places where you only really need it 1 or 2 weeks a year. For all of us though there are those days where it is just too damn hot and we need to cool off our houses – here are some quick tips to cool your house down without air-conditioning. Here are 5 tips for cooling your home without AC.

Beating the heat without AC:

1.) Avoid unnecessarily heating up your home. Roasting a chicken for an hour heats up your kitchen the whole time you are cooking and for hours after. Instead grill-out or make something that doesn’t require you to use your range or oven.

2.) Fans are a great way to move cooler nighttime air into your home.  The breeze they generate can make you feel up to 10 degrees cooler.

3.) Rig up a makeshift swamp cooler. Take a fan and point it at a large vessel full of salted ice water. That vessel (like a vase or a bowl) will cool the air around it and the fan pushing more air off of it will increase the cooling potential of your fan and create a miniature evaporative cooler.

4.) If you have a multi-story house opening windows on all levels helps as the cooler nighttime air will enter your lower levels and push the heated day-time air out the higher level windows.

5.) Install an Attic fan. This is the highest level of effort of any of our tips but it is still pretty cheap. Attic fans are designed to pull hot air up and out of the attic which will rapidly cool your house on a hot day.

Going without AC can be tough during sudden exceptional heatwaves, but hopefully, these tips from ShoutHome can help you get through it.